Thank You - You've chosen to download the Brandable Version of I Create Millions and make your own personalized copy that contains your own affiliate links.  You will make money by giving your branded copy away to others.

Follow These 10 Simple Steps to Generate Your Own Passive Income

1 To create your brandable copy, you must first have a Clickbank ID (Nickname).  If you don't have one yet, please go to Clickbank and get one (takes 2 minutes)!

Now, one at a time, simply "Right Click" on the files below, choose "Save Target As" and then save each of these files to your desktop (about 1 1/2 minutes).  

I Create Millions Brandable Version (PDF)


Note - You can save the files to a different folder (other than your desktop), but make sure that they are in the same folder, and that you know how to access the folder.  The desktop is easiest.

3 Now open the PDFBrand.exe file.  A little window opens and says

Drag "N" Drop your brandable PDF file into this window. 

Drag and Drop the PDF (ICreateMillionsBrandable.pdf) into the window, or hit "file" and "open" and get the file into the window.

4 The program asks for YourClickBankID?  Enter your affiliate Clickbank nickname in the space provided (no extra spaces!)
5 Hit the "Brand!" button.
6 It asks you "Do you want to save a copy under the name.....  ICreateMillionsBrandable_branded.pdf?  Just say yes, and you can change the name later to anything you want.
7 You're done!  Open the pdf book and check out the links.  All the links to any Clickbank product should be personalized with your link.  When anyone buys any of those books, your Clickbank account will be credited, and they will send you a check.  Really!

When you close the book after opening the first time, it will ask if you want to save the changes (even though you didn't make any).  Just say yes, or it will ask you every time.

8 Go back and rename ICreateMillionsBrandable_branded.pdf to something easier like "ICreateMillionsFreeBook.pdf" or whatever you want.  To rename a document, just right click on the document or file name, then choose "rename" and type in what you want.
9 Give the book away on your website, or let your newsletter subscribers download the book.  Send it in an email to your friends!  Pass your personalized version far and wide to your circle of influence, but never Spam!  Never, never Spam.
10 As you are waiting for your Clickbank check, learn how to access your Clickbank Account, and discover how to develop a web presence so you can give more copies away of I Create Millions!

Please give your branded version to anyone you like. 

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